Gifts For The Handyman Who Has Everything

Winter is coming (well Christmas and Winter!) 

This is just a fun post because, we in the UK and the rest of the world, have had enough doom and gloom in 2020 due to Covid-19 and the Coronavirus. Also, it’s coming up to Christmas and you may be looking for gifts for the handyman who has everything! Whether he’s your husband, partner, boyfriend, brother, son, grandson, great grandson, great, great grandson, cousin…have I missed anything off? Maybe. Nevermind, let’s list a few great gift ideas for handymen who have everything. 

Tools, tools and more tools!

How about tools then? Then tools make a good gift for a handyman? Well, a handyman may have all the tools they need to do their work but you can probably always get the latest version of a tool. It might be that fabled expensive toolbox to replace that old and rusty toolbox the handyman has been using for years and years. Or perhaps that deluxe power tool to replace the years old power tool that just doesn’t make the grade anymore. How about a pocket multi-tool which consists of various different types of tools, all in one handy package including a pair of pliers, a pen knife, a small saw, a small pair of scissors and much more? Maybe this would make the ideal, thoughtful gift for a handyman. 

Belt up! 

Another idea might be a leather tool belt. Belts made of synthetic materials might be ok and get the job done. But a quality real leather belt is just a beautiful item to own. Just the smell of leather means the belt is special, not to mention hard wearing. 

A measured approach! 

A laser measure – these are brilliant and if the handyman who you’re buying a gift for doesn’t have one of these yet and this could be the ideal gift idea for them. Laser measuring devices also known as distance measurers, are great to use, accurate and can save time and effort for the man who’s trying to get more done per day. 

Keep a level head! 

Whilst we’re on the subject of laser devices, how about surprising the handyman with a laser level. An excellent alternative to a standard spirit level, laser level can make everything from aligning tiles to putting photos up straight, an absolute doddle. 

It’s a JOINT effort! 

Knee pads – save those knees with a pair of these which are surely some of the best protection that a handyman can have when they’re doing a hard day’s graft. 

It’s all in the wrist! 

Have you heard of magnetic wristband? These are worn around the wrists (as the name suggests) and are magnetised so screws and nails are attracted to them and stick to them. This means there’s no more rooting around looking for screws and nails that a handyman has dropped. 

Getting bag to basics! 

Having a good, well-made, quality tool bag is absolutely essential for any hard working handyman. Every handyman loves a new tool bag to keep his tools safe and all together in one place. A spacious and durable tool bag can be the ideal gift for a handyman. Get one which as wheels to save the handyman’s back when he’s carting his tools around with him from job to job. 

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