How Much Does A Handyman Charge?

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You’ve probably found this article because you’ve just search using a question such as ‘How much do handymen charge in the UK’? The typical handyman rate is about £20 to £30 per hour but this of course depends on the type of work that is being carried out. Project pricing is also a typical handyman pricing strategy. It’s worth noting that discounts may be available for larger numbers of jobs or tasks that can be done one after the other. There tends to be a minimum charge for smaller oneoff jobs. So expect to pay a premium for the first hour of a handyman’s time and a smaller fee for every hour after thatThis is because the handyman will need to travel to the job and it’s always going to be more economical to arrive at a location and carry out of number of tasks sequentially. 

Different Pricing Strategies 

There’s a few different handyman pricing strategies and they generally can be categorised as hourly rate, by project and perhaps bulk discount and regular discount. Essentially, if you use the same handyman again and again, they’ll generally incentivise your loyalty by looking after you when it comes to price. There is also the obvious economy in working with the same handyman, as you’ll build a relationship, they’ll understand the jobs more easily and be able to start and finish tasks more quickly as a result of this. 

How Much Does A Handyman Charge Per Hour? 

Per hour you’re probably looking around the £20 to £30 per hour range. 

How Much Does A Handyman Charge Per Project? 

It depends on project but here’s a few examples: 

  • Hanging photos – generally takes a couple of hours and might cost up to the £45 mark. 
  • Putting up shelving – half day to full day. Generally, a couple of hundred pounds. 
  • Woodwork painting – up to 5 hours. Up to £130. 
  • Flat pack furniture assembly – up to half day. Up to £100. 

What is the Going Rate In The UK For Handyman Services? 

You should expect to pay a minimum of £20 per task. This all depends on the type of task and how long it will take. 

How Do Handymen Price Jobs? 

All pricing should be transparent with no hidden costs. Always get a quote in writing before work commences. Expect to pay for labour plus materials/parts and all costs are agreed before work starts. 

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Handyman? 

There’s no actual cost to have a quote unless otherwise stated. There may be a cost for an assessment and/or discovery work depending on complexity of the tasks though which is a typical aspect of a project 

So In Summary, How Much Does Handyman Services Cost? 

It really does depend on the job being undertaken. Contact Handyman VIP now to get a quote. 

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