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How Much Does Redecoration Cost – Painting And Decorating?

Painting and decorating

Interior Painting 

In the UK, you should expect to pay around £450 for a room to be painted, at a day rate of around £200 per day for labour. Then there’s the cost of the paint itself, any wallpaper and so on. You’re usually looking at a couple of days per room and the process is typically as follows: 

  • Day One – preparation and first coat (known as the base coat).
  • Day Two – second coat which is applied after the first coat has dried. 

As always the more rooms you have painted, the most per room will tend to decrease and the overall project is going to have a lower per room cost. If a painter and decorator paints your whole house then you should certainly expect the cost per room to be lower than if you’d just had a single room painted. This is because a painter and decorator will be able to prepare and apply a first coat to other rooms as the first coat is still drying on the first room they’ve painted. 

How Much Does It Cost To Have The Interior Of A Three-Bedroom House Painted? 

Prices to paint a three-bedroom house would start at around £2000. This all depends on various factors, for example high spaces above staircases and hallways will take longer and therefore cost more to paint. 

How Much Does It Cost To Have The Interior Of A Two-Bedroom Flat Painted? 

Prices to paint a two-bedroom flat start from around £1500. The costs are dependent on various factors. 

What Might Other Costs Be?

Painting and decorating doesn’t just include painting and the amount of preparation work can varying depending on various factors. Wallpaper removal will add extra costs and any plastering that may be needed would also increase the cost significantly. As well as painting larger rooms with higher ceilings which take longer and can be more difficult to access. Also, painting skirting boards and window sills also takes time and will add to the per room cost. 

Exterior painting 

Painting the outside of your home can really help with curb appeal but it’s often overlooked with emphasis on interior painting and decorating. It’s really worth doing though, not just for the look of your property but also for longevity of your building. Preparation work is usually more intensive, time consuming and therefore expensive than interior painting since your outside of your home is subjected to the elements. Removing moss, plants and so on, is not uncommon when prepping the exterior of a property for painting. Repairs may also need to be carried out which a good handyman should also be able to help with. As part of the prep work, a stabilising primer is very important to allow water to escape from brickwork, so ensure your handyman is going to apply this. 

How much does exterior painting cost? 

You should expect to be quoted and charged anything from £800 amount of preparation work needed, for a two-bedroom semi-detached house. Typical factors which would mean paying more than this might include property size and rough exterior (pebbledashed houses for example take a lot longer to paint). 

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