How To Choose The Right Company For End Of Tenancy Cleaning, Decoration and Repairs?

Interested in finding out how to choose the right company for end of tenancy cleaning, decoration and repairs? At the end of a tenancy, before new tenants arrive, a property is generally decorated, repaired and thoroughly cleaned. Generally, any handyman odd jobs are carried out. When choosing a company to carry out this work always ask for recommendations from friends, family, colleagues and associates, check online for reviews, check for qualifications, experience and how complaints are dealt with. Checking for memberships, associations and many other factors can ensure you have a good experience with the right company. If you’re not sure how to find a company you can trust then read How Do I Choose The Right Handyman?

It’s vital that you choose a company that is used to carrying out this type of work and understands of end of tenancy process. Popular properties usually require a quick turnaround time before new tenants are shown around and decide to move in. The time between previous tenants and new tenants occupying a property is usually a great opportunity to carry out any property maintenance.

Cleaning a property is one of the leading causes of disputes between landlords and tenants so this step is vital. It depends on the landlord and the tenancy agreement regarding whether carpets will be changed and flooring repaired but essentially is more maintenance jobs that start to stack up, the greater the problems there will likely be down the line. That little leak with the temporarily repair than never had a permanent fix and was forgotten about can soon become a big leak and cause damage and potential insurance claims further down the line. It’s always better to be proactive about repairs and generally improving the curb appeal of a property in regular bite sized chunks rather than waiting until the last minute and realising there’s a huge problem to deal with. Regular home improvement is better than letting jobs mount up.

Repairs should have been regularly carried out during the previous tenancy and certain regularly maintenance should have been carried out. However, you may find other issues that had gone unreported by prior tenants which will need to be carried out before the new tenants arrive.

If you’re read this far into the article and you’re still with me, then the chances are you’re a landlord or landlady who is looking for the right company to help to bring a property to a rent-able standard after the latest tenants have left. The number one piece of advice I can give you is try to use the same company you used during the previous tenancy as you do between tenancies. This way you’ll maintain continuity and the maintenance company will have a good overview of what needs to be done and, essentially, a good lay of the land. It’s really worth having a chat to anyone you’re thinking of hiring to carry out this work and really drill into their process. Because there’s little bits you can do to really add value that aren’t that time consuming and don’t cost the Earth.

Once you’ve found the right company for you, try to negotiate a contract with them so they can plan the resource necessary which will surely be a more cost effective solution than adhoc jobs. I find that regular maintenance contracts tend to be best all round for all parties involved.

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